Pastor Rick and Rhonda Hathcoat

Pastor Rick Hathcoat was interim pastor at Woods Chapel from January to May, 2011 before being voted as our pastor. His sermons are always a challenge toward a better, more fulfilling relationship with God. Rick and his wife, Rhonda, have three grown children.

Get to know our teachers

Barry & Lucy Holden
Adult Bible Class
(Sunday mornings)

Margaret Farnsworth & Wanda Hathcoat
Senior Adult Bible Class
(Sunday Mornings)

Blake Beshiers
Youth Director
(Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Nights)

Nikki Burns
Ages 3-5
(Wednesday nights)

Emilee Hammett
Helps with ages 6-8
(Children’s Church Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Night Class)

Lisa Williams
Children’s Church Teacher

Paula Adkins
Kids ages 9-12
(Sunday Mornings)

Dana Hammett
Kids ages 6-8
(Children’s Church Sunday Mornings & Class Wednesday Nights)

Tanya Kirby
Teens Ages 13+
(Sunday Mornings & Wednesday Nights)

Donna Nelson, Brenda Phillips, Sheila Beshiers, Brooke Nunally
Kids ages 3-5
(Sunday Mornings)

Wayne & Laura Gramling
Kids ages 6-8
(Sunday Mornings)

Get to know our Church Board

Barry Holden
Bo James
Boyd Davidson
John Burns
Michael Shain
Terry Williams
Scotty Nelson
Rick Hamilton
Rick Hamilton
Earl Allen